Hi. I'm katie.

I'm a runner, writer, and stylist. Cat mom running on bulletproof coffee, whiskey and dry shampoo. 

I fully believe that leggings are pants, and there's nothing chocolate can't fix.

Welcome to my adventures in food, fitness, and feminism.

Weekly Recap // Workouts + Food

Weekly Recap // Workouts + Food

So I’m thinking of starting a series of recaps at the end of every week to keep myself accountable as well as share what’s working for me with the rest of you.

This week was a bit of a roller coaster, but I’m still feeling really good!



On Friday I completed a 19hr fast since I forgot to bring lunch to work and didn’t want to get fast food since I knew Phil and I were getting pizza that night. We had pizza, chips and cookies for dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it was fantastic!

On Saturday I had some more of the cookies and chips along with a subway salad.


After work I went grocery shopping and stocked up on healthy food for the rest of the week and cooked a few, easy, healthy things, including baked hot dogs and chicken salad with canned chicken.


Sunday I started out well and had bulletproof coffee and a great lunch that I’d meal prepped the night before (2 all beef hot dogs + roasted peppers and low carb chicken salad), but then after work I binged and felt bloated and gross so I started my fast.

Monday - Wednesday I had sweet potatoes and protein for breakfast. Once with eggs, once with Greek yogurt and once with whey powder. The egg hash and Greek yogurt bowl were definitely my favorites, and I’ll be uploading the recipe for the Greek yogurt bowl next week!

Monday and Tuesday I had baked hot dogs with roasted peppers and mustard and the chicken salad for lunch. Super delicious and the hot dogs reheated really well!

Wednesday I had some snacks at my mums house and pork chops and rice with Brussels sprouts for dinner.

Thursday I snacked my way through the day and let myself relax. It’s called balance.

That moment your favorite song comes on in her gym and you just have to dance!

That moment your favorite song comes on in her gym and you just have to dance!


Friday was my rest day

Saturday I meant to go to the gym after work but I was feeling really trash about not eating well and decided to prioritize my nutrition and go to the grocery store + meal prep.

Sunday was really emotionally draining and I decided that I just needed to go home and rest. I almost felt bad taking three days in a row off, but I’m working on listening to my body and prioritizing my mental health, as well, so I decided to give myself some grace, and hit the gym hard the next few days.

Monday I did a HIIT run and pushed myself hard. 2 min incline sprint / 3 min incline walk for 2.5 miles + .30 mile warm up and cool down

Tuesday was leg day. Donkey kicks, banded side walks, side lunges, scissor crunches, laying leg lifts, and elevated front leg squats.

Wednesday I did a bunch of upper body including: wide grip lay pulls, reverse from lay pulls, straight arm pull downs, single arm rows, cable bicep curls, incline chest press, shoulder press. Then I did a 20 minute incline walk (7.0 incline 3.5 speed)

Thursday I was kinda lazy/did a bunch of work on my blog and Instagram, but I did do a 15 minute run/walk HIIT workout on the treadmill.


This week was pretty lazy, but I don’t feel guilty. We can’t give 100% every week, and this week I was focused on relaxing but still trying to do at least something each day. Going into this week I’m ready to push a lot harder. Maybe I’ll even have a perfect week on my Apple Watch!

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