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The Rundown on Bulletproof Coffee

The Rundown on Bulletproof Coffee

If any of you have been on Instagram in the last couple years you’ve probably heard about bulletproof coffee.

For those of you that haven’t, bulletproof coffee is simply coffee blended up with grass-fed butter and either MTC or coconut oil.

Some people swear it’s the magic potion of weight loss that we’ve been waiting for.

Some people swear it’ll ruin your macro ratio and stop you from loosing any weight.

Some people think it just sounds disgusting.

So which is it?

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Well, before we talk about bulletproof coffee, we need to talk about one of the main reasons people are drawn to it:

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting (or “IF”) is a feeding template wherein you have periods of feeding, followed by periods of fasting. There are several different templates. Some people eat 25% of their usual caloric intake one day, followed by two days of normal intake; others fast for 14-18hrs, followed by 6-10 hours of “feeding;” but the most common is a 16/8 ratio.

So far, IF has:

  • shown success in decreasing blood sugar [1],

  • shown to be as effective at reducing insulin resistance as calorie restricting [2]

  • some positive effects on the inflammatory status of the body and on the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases [3]

  • shown success in improving blood pressure as well as insulin sensitivity [4]

  • shown to be just as effective as daily calorie restriction in terms of weight loss, and more effective that daily calorie restriction when it comes to fat loss while preserving muscle mass. [5]

  • may actually help prevent the formation of tumors, [6] and actually help chemotherapy be more effective on existing cancers! [7]

Plus it’s what we as humans did for hundreds of years before the agriculture revolution changed the way we eat.

I started IF two years ago in an attempt to loose some weight and be healthier, and I ended up feeling so much better! I felt lighter during my runs because I didn’t have full intestines, I felt less bloated and more energized and just... well, better!

Now, as a type 2 diabetic, controlling my blood sugar and healing my insulin sensitivity is priority #1, so getting back to a consistent IF just made sense!

So what’s the catch? I get hangry AF!

Like, seriously, GTF away from me when I’m hungry. As the hulk said “Don’t make me hungry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry.”


The answer? Bulletproof coffee.

Since bulletproof coffee is just black coffee, butter, and oil, it’s calories are 100% pure fat. And fat doesn’t spike your blood sugar, which doesn’t cause insulin to be pushed into your bloodstream.

Without a blood sugar spike, or insulin your body continues the positive effects of fasting, while the fat in the bulletproof coffee provides you energy and makes you feel fuller.

That’s why I started taking it. I work retail and spend most mornings either on my feet dealing with customers, or on a run on my days off. I felt lethargic and grumpy doing regular IF. Bulletproof IF takes the edge off.

But is it a magic potion that will help you finally reach your goal weight?

In a word? No.

Bulletproof coffee is just one weight loss tool in a world full of tools.


But do you know what bulletproof coffee is?

A warm, delicious, sugar free, carbohydrate free, paleo, Keto and diabetic friendly drink that provides as little, or as many calories as you’d like (depending on how much butter and oil you put in it), all of which are from fat as opposed to the sugar that most coffee house’s put in their coffee.

That’s not to say that you should never drink sugary coffee, or that everyone should drink bulletproof coffee; but if you’re choosing bulletproof coffee because you like it, and it’s a delicious, cheaper and healthier alternative to your salted caramel latte… does it really matter if it’s a magic potion? And if people are going to drink a homemade, zero-sugar coffee instead of a milkshake disguised as coffee, why complain about it?

If you like bulletproof coffee by all means drink it, just figure that into your caloric intake for the day. And if you don’t like it, don’t drink it. You can still reach your body and health goals without it.

And if you’ve tried bulletproof coffee before comment below and help me convince other people to at least try it! I swear it’s not as disgusting as it sounds.

The Bullet Proof Coffee Rundown: What it is and Why you Might Want to Start Drinking it
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