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A Unique, Sustainable and Inexpensive Bed Frame... What More Could You Want?

A Unique, Sustainable and Inexpensive Bed Frame... What More Could You Want?

Heeeello from sunny Florida!

For those of you who don’t know (in which case, you should go follow me on IG because I post some really cool stuff over there once in a while) I moved to Florida a little under a month ago.

So far, it’s mostly great. It’s sunny, it’s warm, and I get to see lots of palm trees every single day. You know what’s not so great? Having no furniture! Phil and I both moved down here in just our cars so when we got here we had no bed frame, no table and chairs, no couch! Phil bought a mattress, so we at least had that, but we were literally sleeping on a mattress on the floor. And it’s one of those that doesn’t need a box spring, so we were literally just…. on the floor. And that’s a long way to go down and get up. Haha! I guess this is a sign I’m getting old. Oh wait. I’m pretty sure my first sign was my crippled metabolism and grey hair. Insert eye roll.

Needless to say, getting a bed frame was the top of my to-do list.

I’m on a mission to furnish this apartment for as little moola as possible. I’d seen some DIY Ikea bed upgrades, and had some plans for that, I just needed to find a bed frame.

A photo of me carting my favorite thrift haul home in my hatchback. #hatchbackadventures

A photo of me carting my favorite thrift haul home in my hatchback. #hatchbackadventures

For this apartment I’m trying to buy as much second hand as possible. Partly to save money, and partly to be more environmentally friendly. I figured it couldn’t be hard to find a used Ikea bed frame, right? Well I found a few on craigslist including one for $80. Eighty dollars!! For something that cost $100 originally!! I was like, “no, sir!” I offered $40 and was shot down because “this is a fair price.” Um, no. Jokes on them, though, because three days after I got to town I found the exact. same. bed frame for $15!!


So when all is said and done, everything on this bed except the quilt and the green pillow (that I already had) cost me a grand total of $115. I’m not counting the drill and drill bits I had to buy to assemble everything because, let’s face it, I already needed one. $78 of that is the massive amounts of pillows I bought. I’ve always wanted to have a bohemian-esque bed with a million pillows but pillows are freaking expensive, you know? But this time I said “Treat yo’ self!” so I did.

I wish I had more pictures of the work-in-progress, but here’s a list of the materials and steps I took to DIY this bed frame. Maybe later I’ll share what I did with the pillows.


  • bed frame $15

  • sandpaper $2.50

  • stain $7

  • painters cloths $3

  • screws $9

The first thing I did with the bed frame was stain it. I used an espresso colored stain and let it sit for ten minutes before wiping it off. But then I filled in some holes from the original hardware with wood putty and tried to stain that to match and screwed it up and had to stain the whole thing darker.

4388891F-8F0F-4532-810A-BE0E22A2F4DD 2.JPG

When I went to put it together, however, I realized that some of the hardware I needed was impossible to get outside of Ikea-land, so after a quick consult with my uncle (who built a really nice table from scratch a couple years ago, so I figured he’d have good advice), I bought a drill and screws and just screwed the damn thing together.

I used size 8 copper screws that are 3” long, and went in from the front (going cross the grain) of the head board and foot boards, into the ends of the side supports. I drilled pilot holes first, and then clearance holes so my screws could rest almost flush with the wood. I used two holes per side, per piece, and made sure to drill where there weren’t existing holes from the Ikea assembly so it’s as strong as it possibly could be.


I also added extra feet to the bottom to get some extra height, but those busted off after I bounced on the bed once, so I 86ed those. Lol.

All in all I’m very happy with how this turned out. I couldn’t have found a cheaper bed frame anywhere, and it feels good to give new life to a used piece. Staining the bed frame elevates the look so much I almost wouldn’t guess that this is an Ikea bed, and I still have a few other ideas to make it look even more unique, but at the moment I have more pressing projects in our apartment.

Please comment and show me your current (or past!) DIY projects. This new apartment is a blank canvas and it’s giving me so much inspiration! I can’t wait to create more!

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