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My Favorite Brands for Workout Leggings

My Favorite Brands for Workout Leggings

I’ve been working out for the last several years, and I’ve definitely become something of an activewear snob! I’ve had several friends come to me lately wondering where I get my activewear, and since I’ve already done a post on finding the right shoes, I decided to do a quick post on my favorite leggings! If you have any other brands I should check out please drop me a comment and let me know! I wear so many leggings I’m always looking to add to my closet!




As an ASICS employee, I’d be remiss if I didn’t start this with their brand. Full disclosure: I’ve been an ASICS fan for years before I started working for them, but I’d never tried their apparel before. Their leggings quickly became some of my favorites. They’re soft, comfy, and suuuper stretchy (read: they don’t slide down while working out!). They’re also a thinner material, so I don’t feel like I’m overheating, but they’re never see through while I’m doing squats!!

The sizing can be a little all over the place, but my favorite style (their essentials) run pretty true to size. I consistently wear a size small.

They usually retail for $40 or so, but it’s not unusual to find them on a really good deal. One of my friends just got a pair for $14!

I would give them four stars if they would just do two things: add pockets, and make them in more colors!


Old Navy


I’ve been a fan of Old Navy’s active wear for years, and it remains one of my favorites - I especially love this floral pair! They stay up during all of my workouts, and they’re thick enough that they’re not see through during leg day.

The sizes run pretty true to size. I think I usually wear a small, and I usually get them for 30%-40% off. I think I got this pair for $20 or so. The only thing missing is: pockets! But I feel like that’s 90% of leggings these days.




Maurice’s isn’t really known for their active wear, but I really like their leggings. Some of the brighter colors tend to be a bit sheer, but their dark ones are great. I wear this pair and my grey camo pair all. the time.

Sizing is pretty true if not a little big. I wear a size small. They start around $30 and they have sales all the time - especially if you have their loyalty card.

I rank them a little lower because they’re a little thicker material which can become warm, and they don’t have a ton of colors. Plus I’ve had a couple seams rip on my black pair. All around, though, I like them and I’d recommend them.




This pair was some of my favorite leggings… until my lipstick exploded all over them. Dang! These are the high impact leggings from Fabletics, and they stay up so well. I felt their regular leggings were a little lacking for a high intensity workout (i.e. running, HIIT, etc), but these were awesome! And the color! Dang, I’m still sad I ruined these. They usually run 2 for $24 for new members, otherwise you can get an outfit for $50 every month. I followed the sizing chart and had no problems with the high intensity leggings - the normal ones felt a little loose, but I felt like that was just the style. I’m rating them five stars because they do have leggings with pockets available, and they have tons of colors available!




This is the first pair of leggings I have from Marshall’s. They had a bunch of really cute ones, and it was hard to choose which ones went home with me! They had lots of different colors and brands, but when I was there everything I saw was pretty sheer once I started squatting. This Betsey Johnson pair was the least see through, however, and I just decided that I won’t wear them on leg day! Haha. For $12, though, I can’t really complain!

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