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My 4 Favorite Apps for Instagram Images

My 4 Favorite Apps for Instagram Images

Obviously Instagram is all about having the best, brightest images. Back in the day I (along with many other users) would use the brightest filter - followed by a second filter. Don't ask. It was just what was "in."

Nowadays it's a little harder, and I don't even use Instagram for my editing.

So today I'm letting you in on some of my secrets and sharing four favorite apps for creating beautiful and engaging images.


Colorstory is my all-time-favorite app! It has lots of photoshop-type features including curves, which makes for some really vibrant, natural looking photos!

I usually adjust the curves, brightness, contrast, temperature (if needed!), clarity and sharpness. I'll usually add one of the softer filters, and turn down the intensity to roughly 25-30%.

It's a free app, which is always really nice, but some of the filters cost a few bucks (usually $.99-$4.99 for a pack), or require you to follow Colorstory on Instagram or sign up for their newsletter. Once in a while a pack will be on sale for $.99-$1.99 and that's usually when I snap them up.  Right now I'm really digging the filters from the Organic and Blush collections - both of which I got on sale.

Here are a couple before and afters:



This is the app I use when I want to add text to a photo. It's free, and I like it for it's ease, color and font selection. I've been using it for about six months now and I've had no complaints. 


I've been using Picframe ever since I got on Instagram - long before the invention of the Layout app! I continue to use it because unlike the Layout app, it allows me to create collages in 8x10 size frames, which size Instagram now accepts as well as square. 


This is my favorite way to brag after a great workout! Fitsnap includes all the necessary info and is a visually appealing, quick way to share the stats of your run or workout, leaving room for for more in-depth review of your workout in the photo description!

What's your favorite app for Instagram? I'm always looking for more suggestions!


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