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I'm a runner, writer, and stylist. Cat mom running on bulletproof coffee, whiskey and dry shampoo. 

I fully believe that leggings are pants, and there's nothing chocolate can't fix.

Welcome to my adventures in food, fitness, and feminism.

Sit Still Look Pretty || What I Wore + Confessions of a Home School Graduate

Sit Still Look Pretty || What I Wore + Confessions of a Home School Graduate

bralette and nikes
shorts and sweater
bralette and sweater

The weather here in Wisconsin has finally warmed up! In fact, it's so warm that I couldn't even wear this outfit now (this is from back in Champaign). We just totally kipped the brisk spring weather and went straight from winter to summer. It happens every year and somehow it still always catches me off guard.

If we'd had more brisk summer weather I definitely would have worn this outfit more. A sweater, bralette and shorts is one of my favorite casual, laid back looks - especially now that I've been running and have good legs! And bralettes are great because you don't have to worry about keeping your straps hidden, and they're more comfortable than bras. It's a win win!

In other news, I've finally accepted that I'm more of a city girl than I ever wanted to admit.

I always thought I was a country girl. I mean, growing up in the Christian Homeschool Community sometimes it felt like everyone's goal is to get married young, live on acres of land and have lots of kids. And I'm not against that, and I'd love to do that sometime in my life, but for right now... want to live in a city.

I first became aware of it when I was in Cali. It was nice to have so many things to do so close! And healthy food! It was everywhere. And even though I wasn't in the city when I visited Arizona, it was the same kind of idea and I loved it. Heck, even Champaign had a lot to do all within blocks of our hotel! Now that I'm back home I miss that.

I'm looking to move to Arizona next year, and when I do I definitely want to be in more of a hub than I am now. I would so love to be able to walk to the grocery store or gym on a sunny day! Gotta get that vitamin D someway, right?

At least summer is finally here in Wisconsin.

What's your favorite summer trend?

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