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3 Tips for Going Blonde

3 Tips for Going Blonde

Unless you've been following me online for a very long time, you probably don't know that I used to be a brunette! Neither color is my natural color (my natural color is somewhere in between), and I was a brunette for four or five years before I made the decision to go blonde. 

Making such a drastic change isn't easy, so make sure it's something you are definitely set on before attempting! Once you're sure you want to here are three tips to make the processes smooth and mistake free!


1. Find a Stylist You Trust

This is not a time to be choosing the cheapest/closest/available right now stylist! If you don't already have a trusted stylist ask friends, family, co-workers and check Yelp. Do your research. Bleach is highly scientific and extremely easy to mess up. Plus you'll be spending a lot of time with whoever you pick, so it doesn't hurt to actually enjoy your time with them. (See the next point)


2. Take Your Time

Seriously. Unless you're already very close to blonde this is going to take time to do right ("right" meaning "without killing/frying your hair and/or causing it fall out"). Plan on 3-6 appointments 2-4 weeks apart depending on how dark your hair is already and how light you want to go. Again, trust your stylist and take your time. Messed up bleach will take much longer and be much more expensive to fix than just doing it right the first time.


3. Use Purple Shampoo and/or Conditioner

This has been the saving grace of my hair! I use the Ion brand at Sally's Beauty and do all three steps: shampoo, deep conditioner and regular conditioner. It keeps the brassiness out of my hair in between appointments and I swear every time I use that deep conditioner someone at work asks me if I just had my hair done again. This is another example of it being worth the extra money to do this right!


Well, I think that's all I've got for you today. Did I miss anything? Leave your tips below!

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