8 Great Bikinis if You're Self Conscious About Your Tummy

Well, the weather is finally warming up here in Wisconsin, and it's got me thinking about summer. I'm craving tropical smoothies, sunshine on my face and my feet in the water of Lake Michigan. But with that comes finding a swimsuit, which can be hard to shop for. Over the last year and a half I've become a lot more comfortable with my body, but I'm still not super comfortable with my tummy. We all have that one spot, right, ladies??

I used to only wear one piece bathing suits, but they're not always super flattering, either and using the washroom is so much harder! Kind of not worth the effort, so I've gone ahead and found eight bathing suits that are great for gals like me that would like a two-piece that provides a little more coverage on the tummy!

Hi-rise swimsuits are always my go-to for swimsuits. They're comfy, flattering, and they hide that little jiggle. Just looking at all these beauties has me longing to be lounging by the pool! After all, summer is so much more fun when you're feeling confident. 

What will you be rocking this summer?

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