Interval Runs, Tabata and Too Much Sugar || A Week of Fitness in Review

Hello all! How has your week been? I've decided to start doing a review of my fitness at the end of each week. Hopefully this will help keep me accountable as well as share with you all what I do since I know a lot of people have been curious. 




To be honest I didn't really stop to think about my workouts this week, but in hindsight I did a really good job of keeping them fresh as well as consistently getting them done!

Saturday I went for a brisk run by the lake. I've been doing lots of interval training runs to improve my speed so they've been shorter, but harder runs.

Sunday was my rest day. Sunday is the day of rest, after all. Haha.

On Monday I hit the gym with a friend from work and taught her how to use the stair master and the rowing machine (I did a HIIT sequence) and we finished up with some much needed yoga. 

On Tuesday I went for a short, HIIT run and got in 2.34 miles.

On Wednesday I tried out Tabata for the first time with a free class at my gym. It was tough but not as bad as I was expecting. We used medicine balls which made me feel like a Quiditch Beater. Always a good thing.

And then yesterday I did another 2+ mile HIIT run after getting my 10,000 steps in at Six Flags. I'm so excited that it's finally open because I'll be moving even more now!



I've been tracking my sleep for a few weeks now and trying to get more good sleep, but this was a rough week. I averaged less than 6.5 hours per night (within the healthy range but just barely) but I've noticed that I'm not getting nearly enough deep sleep at night. I'm still not sure how to fix that besides just sleeping more.




This was definitely my opportunity area this week! I did great during the days, but I lost it a lot of times at night. 

I tried some new paleo recipes this week. I made a sweet poato chorizo mash which wasn't my favorite, I made paleo pumpkin muffins which are one of my new favorite recipes, I perfected my berry compote for with paleo crepes, and I created a great recipe for paleo butterbeer coffee. (Can you tell I'm going through a Harry Potter phase??)

But then after dinner while watching TV with my parents I would start to crave all of the chocolate, candy and carbs and I would eat all of them. I'd like to blame it on Mother Nature, but I know it wasn't just that. 

So my goals for this coming week are to stick to my intermittent fasting schedule and stay away from processed junk.


How have your fitness goals been going this week and what do you want to work on next week? Comment and let me know. 


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