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My Bestie's Wedding // A Weekend in Review

My Bestie's Wedding // A Weekend in Review


Hello lovelies! As I mentioned before, I spent last weekend in Tucson, AZ for my best friend's wedding! The weekend was beautiful and all things perfect and lovely but also a little hectic due to the short weekend and long trip I had. But there was so much excitement and so many beautiful photos that I just wanted to do a quick run-down of what happened so I could share all that lovely-ness with y'all!

Thursday: Milwaukee to Denver to Tucson

So Thursday morning I had to be up and out the door by 6am to get to the airport on time. After that it was a flight to Denver, an hour layover and then a flight to Tucson. I got some delicious prune energy bars in Denver, though.


Thursday Night: Tucson

After arriving in Tucson I hung out with the bride for a bit before getting dressed for the rehearsal dinner. I really wish I'd remembered to take better pictures of my dress because I love it! I got it at Francesca's while I was in Cali and I paid only $15 for it! #score

The rehearsal dinner was delicious! A Mexican buffet while a mariachi band played. Swoons. It was fantastic.


Friday Morning: Tucson

Friday morning the bride and her sister-in-law and I went for a morning hike before they had breakfast and I went for a run. The resort had a "par-course" which was basically a sprint with cross training moves ever couple hundred feet. It was such a good workout but I had to cut it short when I started to feel lightheaded. Man, that Arizona sun doesn't mess around!


After a filling breakfast (and guzzling even more water!) I laid by the pool for about an hour and in that time I managed to get burned. I was so mad! I wasn't burned when I left the pool but after my shower my legs were lobster red. What they what!?


Friday Evening: Tucson

Friday evening was the main event and everything was beautiful! The bride was the prettiest bride I've ever seen, and there wasn't a dry eye during the ceremony.  Afterwards there was a cocktail hour before a buffet of amazing food! The bride seriously knows how to throw a party, y'all!

The bride's sister and I hung out most of the evening and totally killed it on the dance floor! Ok, ok, not really! She was great, but I looked like a broken marionette, but I don't care! I can't dance and I won't stop.


Saturday morning: Tucson to Denver to Milwaukee

Saturday morning I had to be up earlyish to head to airport. I took my first Lyft ride, and got to see the airplane graveyard in Tucson before boarding to Denver. The very nice woman sitting next to me offered me a one time pass to the United Sky Club Lounge when she found out that I had a three hour layover and I'm so grateful to her! That lounge is amazing and made the layover so much more pleasant.


After that it was time for my last flight and I finally got home! I have to admit, I've been away from my family longer but this time I was super missing my mother. So much happened and I was literally busting at the seams to tell her! I haven't had that much fun in a long time, but I also haven't been that excited to see my family again. I still miss that Arizona sunshine, and my bestie, though...

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