Hi. I'm katie.

I'm a runner, writer, and stylist. Cat mom running on bulletproof coffee, whiskey and dry shampoo. 

I fully believe that leggings are pants, and there's nothing chocolate can't fix.

Welcome to my adventures in modern homemaking.

What's Currently on My Playlist

What's Currently on My Playlist


Lately I’ve been listening to less music on my drives to and from work and more podcasts and audio books. I’m really enjoying it. Today I thought I’d do a run down of what's been on my podcast the past couple weeks. Hopefully you’ll find something that peeks your interest!


Spotify Playlist

So I definitely wanted to include a playlist in this post because even with podcasts we all need some music! This playlist is definitely out of my usual comfort zone. I’m usually more of a country girl, but lately I’ve been loving some top 40/pop/hiphop. Especially Selena Gomez, which is kind of surprising. All of these songs remind me of my Cali vacation and summertime. I already miss the sunshine, palm trees and warm weather. I seriously need to get out of Wisconsin. I’m not meant for these long winters.

PaleOMG: Uncensored

Remember that this podcast is Uncensored! There is lots of swearing and sexual content, but it’s also hilarious - even if you’re not paleo - and full of useful information and tips if you are paleo. Juli talks like she’s just hanging out with a group of friends, which makes for an entertaining listen. Paleo and modern eaters alike will enjoy this one - especially if you’re a fan of the Bachelor!

Balanced Bites

Another paleo podcast, but this one is little more technical and will probably be less entertaining if you’re not into holistic eating. It’s full of science and advice for the paleo eater but it never get too technical and is still really entertaining to listen to. I've learned so much from this one. Episode #286 about healthy fats and cholesterol is especially great!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This may surprise you, but I never read the Harry Potter series as a child or young adult, since I wasn’t a fan of Harry Potter until about two years ago. Last summer I started working through audio books and so far I’ve finished the first three. I’m now working through the Goblet of Fire and I’m really enjoying learning so much more about the wizarding world and the characters that’s not in the books.

So, that's what's been playing on my iPhone lately! What have you all been listening to? I'm always looking for new music and/or podcasts!

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