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I fully believe that leggings are pants, and there's nothing chocolate can't fix.

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15 Things to do While You Wait for "Mr. Right"

15 Things to do While You Wait for "Mr. Right"


I'm a firm believer that everything happens in God's perfect timing. And I know that's not what you want to hear right now, because goodness knows that's not what I wanted to hear 18 months ago! I'd been single for about six months and the guy I was currently talking to didn't seem to be in any hurry to get off his butt and ask me out (despite months of talking, two Skype chats and hours of flirting).

After that non-relationship went up in flames when I dared to put a value on my self worth, I had one of the biggest, life changing epiphanies of my life.

I remember it so clearly. I stood in the gym after a hard workout (the one that ultimately gave me the courage to tell Mr. Complacent to stop using me) and a thought popped into my head: "what could I have accomplished in the last year and a half if I'd put as much time into myself as I did into the last two Mr. Wrongs?"

And thus my constant journey towards self improvement began.

So in the interest in saving y'all some time, here are some things you can spend time working on until (and after!) you find your "Mr. Right." These things will not only fill up your time so you won't have any more time for swiping right, but it'll also make you a better person!

  1. find a new workout you love

  2. start a step or miles challenge to make sure you stay active

  3. learn a new skill - something you've always wanted to

  4. read You Are a Badass

  5. re-read your favorite book series

  6. start a blog

  7. find an informative podcast that you enjoy and get caught up

  8. spend time in the Word (you knew we needed to add that one!)

  9. take a day trip somewhere you've never been

  10. learn to cook a dish you've never cooked before

  11. find a new club or group on Meetup to join

  12. make sure you're getting your 6-8 hours of sleep every night!

  13. take time to stretch several days a week (your body will thank you for it later!)

  14. clean out your closet

  15. learn to love yourself


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