Hi. I'm katie.

I'm a runner, writer, and stylist. Cat mom running on bulletproof coffee, whiskey and dry shampoo. 

I fully believe that leggings are pants, and there's nothing chocolate can't fix.

Welcome to my adventures in food, fitness, and feminism.

Coconut Oil Popcor

Coconut Oil Popcor

One of the hardest habits to kick on my journey to a healthier me has been snacking. I am a snacker. And not the kind where a stick of string cheese can abate me. I want to be able to eat a lot of food. This desire is usually brought around by one of three things:

  1. stress
  2. boredom
  3. watching a movie

My saving grace has been popcorn. Usually my family makes it at home in olive oil in a pot on the stove. However, I have recently delved into the world of coconut oil popcorn and holymoly! The coconut adds just a touch of sweetness which pairs so perfectly with a touch of salt. And according to MyFitnessPal this recipe runs just around 50 calories per cup. You can't go wrong with that!


Coconut Oil Popcorn

makes roughly 12 1 cup servings


1 cup popcorn kernels

1/4 cup coconut oil



  1. melt coconut oil into the bottom of a large saucepan or dutch oven
  2. add popcorn kernels and cover with lid
  3. turn heat to high and let sit for several minutes, shaking the pot occasional to mix the kernels
  4. once the popcorn starts popping shake the pot continuously.
  5. when popping sounds slows to one ever 2-3 seconds turn off heat and dump popcorn into a large bowl
  6. salt to your taste
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