Walk to Mordor - Day One

bagendruntorivendelLast month I started the Eowyn Challenge, but with a lot of running. I've decided to do updates for each "day" I finish. I started with the Lord of the Rings instead of the Hobbit, which means the first leg of my trip is from Hobbiton to Rivendel. Those fit little hobbits walked 18 miles in one day! Which is why it took me almost three weeks and 8 workouts to finish the first day.

I could have done it a lot quicker (probably in a little over a week) except I've been really focusing on my boxing/circuit training lately. It's just such a blast/so empowering! I'm going to start doing more running in the new few weeks though, as I want to do another 5k this spring, and hopefully a half marathon by the end of the year. I wonder how close to Morodor I can get in 2016!